Mental health is Sweden’s most important asset for long-term sustainable development. For an advanced knowledge economy like Sweden, where high levels of cognitive functioning are a key advantage, looking after this asset is critical to ensure that people can be creative, productive and imaginative in a rapidly changing world.

In many ways the future is already here: with one of the highest rates of people working in tech and huge rate of unicorns, Sweden show the way to a new human – digital hybrid. To thrive in this era we need people to be emotionally connected, resilient and collaborative. We need to grow our cognitive surplus.

Our state of psychological well-being is influenced by everything from digitisation and diet to culture and the urban environment. For a long time we have talked about this topic in terms of (resolving) mental ill-health. MIND // SHIFT is the beginning of a movement aiming to shift the focus from mental ill health to mental well-being – working together with business and the public sector, non-profit associations and civil society.

We have long been talking about, reacting to and treating mental illness. We read reports on what it costs society and how it terribly affects our young people. But what do we do to move beyond treating symptoms and deficits, and instead focus on prevention?

We aim for diverse perspectives and collaborations, working across disciplinary borders and focussing on the possibilities of what we can do together. With MIND // SHIFT, we go from conversation to workshops, to jointly design a long-term, systemic framework and action plan to enable everyone across society to thrive.