Pioneering Tools for Indoor Air Quality Measurement & Improvement

What if we used technology to pay as much attention to indoor air pollution as to the harm awaiting us outdoors? With people now often spending 90% of their time indoors, indoor pollution is becoming more of concern worldwide than it ever has been before, prompting governments, scientists and companies to take a closer look at precisely what we’re breathing in behind closed doors. We could create new standards and open source tools to measure indoor environments and the measures to address indoor air quality, combining affordable IoT and open source tools to understand real-time indoor issues and reduce environmental harms together with citizens – thus unlocking awareness and innovative trajectories to improvement.


InAirQ (Europe)

InAirQ is an international project aiming to assess the health risk of indoor air pollutants on a vulnerable population (i.e. children between age 6 and 14) and to take actions to improve the indoor environment in school buildings in Central Europe.