Next Generation People’s Schools

What if we reinvented the entire education system around the social skills, emotional intelligence and empathy that truly set us apart from machines? Because we know that automation and AI in combination are going to reconfigure the machine-human relationship, fundamentally redirecting the role of human contributions to our future society and economy. We could develop bold experiments that remake the ‘school’ (from kindergarten to university, and well beyond) for the age of automation, radically growing people’s capacity to be the authors of their own lives by fostering not just their hands and heads, but also their hearts.


Scale-free Schools (UK)

Scale Free Schools is a design proposal for a new infrastructure of education in the 21st century, based on the idea that learning is not confined to ‘school’ and that due to our single-use approach to city building, numerous buildings (eg. school facilities) are left empty outside of school hours. This scale-free school strategy focused on growing social capital throughout the city by allowing for flexible use of buildings.