Next Gen UBI Trial Design – The System Around Universal Payment

What if we designed the next series of UBI trials with the entire support ecosystem in mind instead of just the monthly payment? Because everyone by now has heard about that Finland basic income trial left people happier, but not always in work. Knowing that UBI cannot be a silver bullet and therefore has to be part of a systemic shift in welfare and economic development, in Stockholm Region we could design a broader trial that also create the support structures (tailored learning opportunities, start-up support, peer networks…) to would form a truly new way to invest in the future of citizens and their creativity, passion and drive.


‘Youth Basic Income’ programme (South Korea)

Gyeonggi province, the most populous region in South Korea, will be launch Youth Basic Income programme. The program will unconditionally give one million Korean Won ($US900) in local currency per year to 24-year-old residents.