Technological Experiment

AI Assisted Social Media for Arguments & Disagreement

What if we really acted on what we know about how social media and artificial intelligence is shaping public debate – and create purposeful systems that disrupt ‘filter bubbles’ and echo chambers? Because the ability to argue and to express our reasoning to others is one of the defining features of humans but more and more of us are looking ourselves into news-sources and discussion platforms with like-minded individuals, becoming more one-sided, less balanced and less understanding of other viewpoints. We could explore next technologies and institutions for engaging citizens in revived democratic digital debates, and the possibilities for actively using behavioural science to limit the societal risks of extremist or conspiracy theorist platforms.


The Commons (USA)

A pilot programme that explored interventions to address polarisation on Facebook and Twitter in the USA. The pilot explored how to work with APIs on how to craft reflective conversations on social media to create positive and depolarising change.